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Irdorath (BY)
Irdorath (BY)
Irdorath (BY)

Irdorath - Kupala na Ivana (19 июня 2017)

Category: Официальный клип
Duration: 00:03:49
Kupala na Ivana - Belarusian folk song in arrangement of Irdorath.
The song will be included in the album WILD, which will be released in September 2017. A big concert-presentation will take place on 1 September in Minsk: https://vk.com/irdorath_wild_show

Купала на Ивана - белорусская народная песня в аранжировке Ирдорат.
Песня из альбома WILD, который выйдет в сентябре 2017 года. Большой концерт-презентация состоится 1 сентября в Минске: https://vk.com/irdorath_wild_show

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Kupala na Ivana (Lyrics)

Kupała na Ivana,
Outside is noise, noise,
Kupała na Ivana...
Kupała na Ivana,
A brother leads his sister by the hand,
Kupała na Ivana, na Ivana...

Kupała na Ivana,
Leads her by the hand, wants to ruin her,
Kupała na Ivana...
Kupała na Ivana,
Ai Vanechka, my brother,
Kupała na Ivana, na Ivana...

Do not sacrifice me on Saturday,
Do not sacrifice me on Saturday!
Sacrifice me on Sunday,
Sacrifice me on Sunday!

Bury me by the road,
Bury me by the road!
Sow flowers around me,
Sow flowers around me!

Girls will pick the flowers,
Girls will pick the flowers.
Pick flowers, remember me,
Pick flowers, remember me!

Kupala na Ivana (Original lyrics)

Kupała na Ivana,
Na vulicy homan, homan,
Kupała na Ivana...
Kupała na Ivana,
A brat siastru za ruku vodzić,
Kupała na Ivana, na Ivana...

Kupała na Ivana,
Za ruku vodzić, zahubić choča,
Kupała na Ivana...
Kupała na Ivana,
Aj Vaniečka, moj bratačka,
Kupała na Ivana, na Ivana...

Nie hubi miane ŭ subotačku,
Nie hubi miane ŭ subotačku!
Zahubi mianie ŭ niadzelku,
Zahubi mianie ŭ niadzelku!

Scharani mianie pry darozie,
Scharani mianie pry darozie!
Absiej mianie krasačkami,
Absiej mianie krasačkami!

Buduć dzieŭki kraski rvaci,
Buduć dzieŭki kraski rvaci.
Kraski rvaci - mianie ŭspaminaci,
Kraski rvaci - mianie ŭspaminaci!