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Passenger - Helplessly Lost (3 апреля 2019)

Category: Официальный клип
Duration: 00:02:24
Passenger's album 'Runaway’.

Video Produced & Directed by Jarrad Seng
Audio Produced & Mixed by Chris Vallejo & Mike Rosenberg

Well Im sorry for the time that I’ve been taking
And the lines that I’ve crossed
The mess that I’ve been making
And for everything you’ve lost
the heart that I’ve been breaking
For the damage and the cost
Oh forgive me darling
I am helplessly lost

Im sorry for the stories that I told you
And the lies that I spoke
The future that I sold you
And the promises I broke
For the love that I’ve been taking
Warmed with nothing but the frost
Oh forgive me darling
I am helplessly lost

How many deals will I make
With the devil what’s it take
For a foolish man to learn
How many years will I go
Setting fire to all I know
Just to watch the city burn
Oh my dear we’ve reached a river we can’t cross
So leave me here for I am helplessly lost