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Passenger - Suzanne (13 ноября 2020)

Category: Официальный клип
Duration: 00:04:15
The album 'Songs For The Drunk And Broken Hearted' is out January 8th 2021 and available to pre-order now from https://www.passengermusic.com

Director / EP: Raja Virdi
Producer: Joseph J Goldman
Production Company: PHASE
Production Manager: Hugo Holford
Production Coordinator: Katie Cooper
Production Assistant: Joe Coulson
1st AD: Chris Malin
2nd AD: Charlie Killick
3rd AD: Sam Fullerton
Runner: Megan Skender
Runner: Jonny Powell
Covid Officer: Tara Sadeghi
DOP: Pieter Snyman
Steadicam: Doug Walshe
Focus Puller: Josh Tue
Loader: Jamie Cook
Camera Trainee: Tom Ore
Movement Director: Jamie Neale
Gaffer: Milo Cosemans
Sparks: Lewis James, Jake Buckley, Damien Gray, Joseph Nowell, Sean Mackey, Deimante Sprai
Genny Op: Joss Garnet-Lawson
Art Director: Lucy Cooper
Art Assistants: Aubrey Jackson-Blake & Harriet Trant
Stylist: Celia Arias
Stylist Assistant: Bella Dupee
SFX MUA: Andrea Gomez Anzola
HMU: Amy Whyard
HMU Assistant: Melanie Christou
Catering: Honey & Thyme
Editor: Samuel Marr
Colourist: Connor Coolbear
Colour Producer: Oliver Whitworth
Grading Company: Electric Theatre Collective
BTS: Zakary Walters & Nic Minns
Security: Corey Jay

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Suzanne (Lyrics)

Who are you when the lights come up
When the music fades and the crowd goes down
Where did you land when the spinning stopped
Are you far away in another town
You were young and the lights were bright
You went dancing in to the night
You always said it would turn out alright
Suzanne will you tell me if you can

Suzanne is it everything you wanted
Suzanne Suzanne is it everything you dreamed it would be
You reached for the stars and you touched the sky
You fell back down and you don’t know why
But Suzanne you still shine bright to me

You are the first one on and the last one off
Who do you see when the mask comes off
With your red wine teeth and your smoker’s cough
Suzanne I’m sure you’ve had enough
But you never cared for what I had to say
Now you go sleeping all through the day
Please don’t dream your life away
Suzanne would you help me to understand

Suzanne is it everything you wanted
Suzanne Suzanne is it everything you dreamed it would be
For time takes everything she likes
And youth will leave like a thief in the night
But Suzanne you still shine bright to me

Now you’re old and the lights are dim
The band won’t play and the man won’t sing
All the songs that he sang when you danced with him
Suzanne can I take you by the hand

Suzanne is it everything you wanted
Suzanne Suzanne is it everything you dreamed it would be
You never knew the rules to the game
Drawn in like a moth to the flame
Suzanne it is a crying shame
That they’ll never know your name