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Noize MC

Noize MC ft. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. - Chasing the Horizon (6 октября 2019)

Category: Официальный клип
Duration: 00:03:40
Music: Noize MC
Lyrics: Noize MC, Sonny Sandoval
Mixing & Mastering: Vadim Nekrasov
Sound Production: Vadim Nekrasov, Noize MC, DJ StuFFord
Idea: Julia Uzkih
Creative Producer: Danil Golovanov, Liza Korovina
Director & VFX Compositor: Sasha.A.Logov
Producer: Oleksandr Novichenkov
DOP: Oleg Shevchyshyn
Design: Mikhail Rul
Sonny Sandoval appears courtesy of “Mascot Music Productions and Publishing B.V.”

Sonny Sandoval on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sonnywhosoever/
Noize MC on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/noizemc/

Concerts: https://noizemc.com/afisha/

Noize MC — Chasing the Horizon (feat. Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D.) on EMA MTV 2019: https://www.mtvema.com/ru-ru/vote/

The sun is rising
My shadow is getting shorter
I'm chasing the horizon
Trying to cross that border.
Been to all the time zones
From the Poles to the tropics
I'm chasing the horizon
Feeling so myopic.
Twenty five thousand miles multiplied several times
That's the length of my way full of precipices and heights,
Falls and climbs,
Good signs, strange harbingers and bad prophets
My footprints cover the planet
From the Poles to the tropics.
I keep on wandering like Ahasuerus
My trip is hazardous.
The sun is rising again like Saint Lazarus
And as it's rising
My shadow is getting shorter
I'm chasing the horizon
Trying to cross that border...

... but the faster I try to run
The farther away it gets.
Forgot where the start was.
Can't see where I'm going.
This work will never be done
And it makes no other sense.
The start and the finish
Are two sides of the same coin.

The sun is dying
The dark is getting stronger
I’m chasing the horizon
Trying to cross that border
Realistic imagination
Spiritually captivated
Lost in your creation
My existence uncomplicated
The universe is aligned, purposefully designed
Guiding me through the nights.
The great unknown to the great divide
I realize. They’ve lied! The sign is illuminated.
Finding significance
Again spiritually captivated
Even if they say I’ve imagined this
Then who can fathom this?
I’ve been to the end of the world and back again
So I’ll keep trying
When the dark is getting stronger
To capture the horizon
Even if I never cross that border