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Tom Walker
Tom Walker
Tom Walker

Tom Walker - Cry Out (7 марта 2019)

Category: Performance
Duration: 00:03:38
Tom Walker - Cry Out | Vevo Live Performance

When you give listeners around the world an emotional touchstone like "Leave a Light On," they're gonna want more. UK upstart Tom Walker captured lots of hearts with his global smash during the last year, and the tunes on his new 'What A Time To Be Alive" album boast the same raw emotion has his hit. He's a powerhouse vocalist, wringing every iota of passion from each new line of lyrics. We had him step into the Vevo studio for a shot a couple of new tracks, "Cry Out" and "Fade Away." Watch him in action and see where the magic comes from.

Director: Bram VanderMark
Logistics Producer: Maddy Schmidt
Editor: Kevin Rose
Audio Engineer: Jake Bolles
Talent Producer: Annie Shapiro