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Iggy Azalea
Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea - I Am The Stripclub (2 июля 2021)

Category: Официальный клип
Duration: 00:02:51
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Official Music Video for Iggy Azalea's new single "I Am The Stripclub" featuring choreography from the House of Balmain
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Verse 1:
Hit it one time, two times? too live
Laying poolside and that make me woosah
Too fine, do your own thing, ima do mine
Im on cloud nine cuz the vibe too high
Fat ass, lap dance, pop it on a handstand
big bags, big cash
hit a 100 - car fast - don’t crash
If you ain’t ready don’t ask
talk a big game, but I know you won’t last
Keep the dollars on me
keep designer on me
Man start tripping? ima find a homie
Swear he Ginuwine tryna ride the pony
Face get exposed you can’t hide the phoney
You know! top of the line bitch - numero uno
New coup 2 door, too high ,Pluto
trippin…. said he want to kick it like judo?
miss him…. Iggy been pimpin, listen.

Don’t need dark rooms (I am the stripclub)
Don’t need red lights (I am the stripclub)
I do the lap dance, I ride the pole up
I am the, the stripclub
Dont want your love,
Don’t want your problems
Just need all of - all of the dollars
I do the lap dance, I ride the pole up
I am the, the stripclub
I’m the, the stripclub.

Verse 2:
I woke up like a bad ass bitch
pretty face with some perfect tits
Call my job told em suck my dick
Send my check im not clockin in
Dick magnet - who’s asking?
Big Burkin - put cash in
Hold my bag im bout to get ratchet
Get ghost and twerk on a Phantom
I Like when girls come back from vacation
Brand new ass she use to get payments
Use her mouth for more than just statements
Wanna be rich, she don’t wanna be famous
Run that back yea lets do it over
Wanted dick but I lost composure
2pm on the rum and cola
Sloppy drunk - but Id do it sober


Don’t wait for the night time
we can get dirty in the daylight
Watch sweat drip from my waistline
Im Four shots deep its playtime


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Official Video by Iggy Azalea - I Am The Stripclub © 2021 Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE