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Gallant - Comeback (15 января 2021)

Category: Официальный клип
Duration: 00:03:38
"Comeback." by Gallant from the upcoming EP 'Neptune'
Stream: https://music.empi.re/comeback.oyd


Directed by Bennett Johnson


so hard saying my mistakes with you in front of me
at the risk of you judging me, but I’ll attempt an apology;
like the planets are indifferent to astrology, I was distant to monogamy
tried to break up the monotony…
but now I know sameness was stability
and I maimed it, now it’s killing me
swear the ego is the enemy
and believe me, I’ve been regretting it
though I used to mince words for the hell of it,
I mean these, no embellishment:

you can come back
you can come back
there’s no better time,
I’ll leave on the lights
you can come back, baby

I lowered my defenses for the evening
I shouldn’t have ever listened to the demons
telling me I should get any more than you receive
who knew that inner voice was a master of deceit
as I lay here in defeat,
20/20 hindsight can see
how that tall and sturdy fortress was really built on broken beams
if a new big bang’s the remedy,
could your star burn bright for me?
not a lone one, but a new one
home, sweet home galaxy

baby you can come back….
you can come back
there’s no better time,
I’ll leave on the lights
you can come back, baby

come back… come back baby… (x3)

you were alone in the raft when the riptide crashed,
but you can always (come back)
said you were pushing to the sands of the coast, not some open waters and
won’t be no sitting duck
or no canary in a coal mine upstream
still reeling from that last hit of dopamine
though it is what it is, never what it seems,
on the other side, you know I got ya...
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Official music video by Gallant - Comeback © 2021 Gallant / EMPIRE