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Milky Chance - The Trip Tape (3 ноября 2021)

Category: Official Mixtape
Duration: 00:37:58
We spent so much time in the studio the past couple of years, working on new music and ‘Colorado’ was the big kick-off. But during lockdown two things happened – besides ‘Colorado’ we found ourselves with so many new songs we love and we kind of got into making our own versions of other artists' songs we enjoy.

On top of that, Icarus made a remix of ‘Colorado’ that we’re absolutely buzzing about! So how can we bring all of these different things together? WITH A TRIP TAPE!

00:00 Colorado
02:54 Tainted Love (Soft Cell Cover)
05:53 Cold Summer Breeze
08:57 Love Again
12:18 La Noche De Anoche (Rosalía & Bad Bunny Cover)
15:56 Levitating (Dua Lipa Cover)
18:12 Save Your Tears (The Weeknd Cover)
21:15 Butterfly (Demo)
24:18 Lights Out (Demo)
28:12 Lately (Demo)
31:13 Addicted (Demo)
33:58 Colorado (Icarus Remix)

Visual design: Michael Titze
Produced & filmed: Anthony Molina
Creative direction: Rob Steiger

Gaffer: Philippe Rebosz
AC/BTS: Jakob Marwein
#MilkyChance #TripTape #Mixtape #RoadTripping