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Paul McCartney
Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, Michael Jackson - Say Say Say (7 декабря 2015)

Category: Ремикс
Duration: 00:03:48
'Say Say Say' is without doubt one of the all-time greatest musical collaborations in popular music. It is one of three tracks on which Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson worked together and was their biggest commercial success, topping the US Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks upon release in 1983 and going on to become one of the highest selling singles of all time.

The groundbreaking partnership of two of the biggest stars in the music world began with a phone call which Paul received out of the blue after Michael got hold of his personal number and called, suggesting they should collaborate.

Paul remembers: “He (Michael) rang me up, and I didn’t believe it was him, so I said, “Who’s this?” He said, ‘Michael’. ‘Are you sure… Michael who?!’. Anyway, we had a joke about that kind of thing, and he said, ‘Yeah, I’d like to come over and write with you’, so I said great. So he came over to England and we just sat down. I thought, well, it’s not easy to just sit down with anyone you don’t know and just write, start songwriting because you’ve got to get the chemistry right. But I thought, it is Michael - you know, I'll just try! If it doesn’t work, we'll just throw it away …”

Clearly, the magic worked between them and 'Say Say Say' resonated around the world. Indeed, such was the excitement about the duo that even the TV premiere of the video - in which they play a pair of travelling con merchants in the Wild West - was an appointment-to-view event in many countries. And now, 32 years after the original release, fans will have a fresh rush of excitement with a completely new mix of the track, prominently featuring alternative vocals from Paul and the late Michael which have never before been seen the light of day.

And to celebrate the remix of 'Say Say Say', a new upbeat dance video has been created and was launched exclusively on Facebook today (Tuesday October 6th). Directed by the choreographer and performance artist Ryan Heffington – recently noted for his choreography work on Sia’s 'Chandelier' promo - and filmed in LA, the video follows a teenage boy on a journey through his neighborhood. The boy’s sense of optimism is infectious as he brings joy and stunning dance sequences to those he encounters on his travels.

The track is part of the Pipes Of Peace 2-CD Special Edition, which is made up of the original album plus a nine-track bonus disc including outtakes, demos and other gems. The Deluxe Edition also includes a further DVD which features single promos and unreleased clips from Paul’s film archives. In addition there is a 2-LP vinyl edition as well as standard and hi-res digital versions. All formats are out now.

Say, say, say what you want
But don't play games, with my affection.
Take, take, take, what you need
But don't leave me with no direction

All alone I sit home by the phone
waiting for you baby
Through the years how can you stand to hear
My pleading for you dear?
You know I'm crying
Oo oo oo oo

(Now) go go go, where you want
But don't leave me here forever
You you you, stay away
So long girl I see you never.

What can I do girl, to get through to you?
'Cause I love you baby
standing here baptised in all my tears,
baby through the years
You know I'm crying
Oo oo oo oo

You never ever worry, and you never shed a tear
You're saying that my love ain't real
Just look at my face, these tears ain't drying.

You you you can never say
That I'm not the one who really loves you
I pray, pray, pray everyday
That you'll see things girl, like I do.

What can I do girl, to get through to you?
'Cause I love you baby
Standing here baptised in all my tears
Baby through the years, you know I'm crying
Oo oo oo oo

Say say say…